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The website and domain are up for sale. Please email sitesale@countermail.com if you are interested in making an offer.

If your laboratory project is in need of high quality research chemicals, you could do a lot worse than “experimenting” with our team here at Chems2u. Chemists, scientists, and research analysts the world over have been trusting our top quality research chemical solutions for years and those who have used us before know that our products and service are SECOND TO NONE.

Every one of our products is thoroughly tested by a team of highly respected and accomplished scientists and industry experts and have to be approved of the highest quality before they are EVER offered for sale. Our chemicals include no filler, no additional unneeded elements, but instead ONLY what is advertised and only the highest quality of each ingredient. If you do your own research and look for other retailers whose quality standards match our own you will find that the list is extremely small. We go out of our way to meet the needs of each of our clients and ensure their COMPLETE satisfaction. Try us today, and you’ll never need to try anyone else ever again! 


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